about me

Diets, schmiets.

Our society has yet to come around to the concept of food freedom. I do not mean food freedom in terms of eating whatever you want all day every day, but I am referring to the feeling of guilt when you go for that third slice of pizza, or the anxiety you have before ordering a meal out with your peers. 

I try to believe in food freedom for myself. I have looked for ways to experience it my entire life. Dieting may shed pounds, but it adds weight to your shoulders. Building a positive relationship with food has everlasting benefits for your mental well-being and so much more.

What I have learned is that changes shouldn't be inflexible or restrictive. If you have experience with this, you probably know that this sort of dieting doesn't work for very long.

Any changes I make to my diet are reflective of my lifestyle. When I learned that I had a gluten and dairy-sensitivity, I adjusted my diet, and guess what! I feel better! When something isn't serving you, it's going to be a lot easier to justify removing it from your life. It doesn't mean that I will never eat noodles again, but luckily it's 2020 and dietary-friendly options are everywhere. And when they aren't, you just have to adjust a bit!


I often use trial & error. Example: Do I feel great the morning after drinking sugary cocktails? No. Do I enjoy vodka soda with lemon & lime? Yes. Problem solved.

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